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A bit about me...

Just over ten years ago, I didn't run. Well, unless you count the 'dreadmill' at the gym, for maybe just a half hour. I was inspired by an old school friend to 'get outside' and I joined a group that would set out regularly from my gym. I remember my first few times and I'm not going to lie, it was really hard! I signed up for my first Cancer Research 'Race for Life' 5 km race in Warwick, so that was the goal. However, I loved running outside so much that I ended up getting carried away with training and decided to enter a local 10km race before the 5km one. I think that just about sums me up in a nutshell.

Jumping forward... I've been immersed in running club land, I've captained at a running club, I've set up my own running group and I've participated in six different marathons and what must be over 100 different running events. Events have included National cross-country, fell races, triathlon, team relays, orienteering races, night races and fancy dress races! No ultra races yet... but never say never!

The races that excite me most are ones which include rude ascents, some fun descents (bordering on uncontrollable), breathtaking views and surroundings which allow my spirit to dance. The dark and echoing tunnels in big City marathons which take you down and away temporarily from the roar of crowds is one of my weird guilty pleasures. I just enjoy that peace and quiet where all you hear is your breathing and trainers striking the ground... and races with space between participants suit me very well indeed.

I also love rabbiting on about running...whilst running, before and after! And, I love team spirit. Slight contradictions to my running solitude but I take that as a sign that I am not merely running to control my otherwise rather chaotic mindset but because I ACTUALLY love it. It has become a big part of me.

Nothing is more satisfying than that post-run/race feeling, and sharing those moments enjoyed in a race with others, to inspire, chuckle at and also wince over (especially when accompanied by a large glass of wine!) So instead of just chatting, I'm writing!

Some of my proudest moments;

- When Ladies Captain at Kenilworth Runners, part of the winning Masters team at the Warwickshire Cross country champs 2012
- Winning the Tempo Events Ilmington Series Vets prize 2015/16
- Setting up Run Warwick and organising the very successful and popular 12 Miles of Christmas Events

Monday, 31 May 2010

Barefoot Merlot

So I really enjoyed last night's wine.... Barefoot Merlot. I go online and discover a whole community of 'Barefooters'... where do YOU like to get barefooted? I would say somewhere remote with a jetty dangling feet down into the clear water with the sun beating down.

What is really cool is the wine company itself organises volunteers across the US to clean up beaches and make them 'barefoot friendly'.

Meet some 'Barefooters' ....


Its very cute... I see a likeness with my green eyes!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Joe Bonamassa - Ball Peen Hammer - tomorrow night!! :D

Running in Clent

So today I decided to start blogging as I take the long and lonely path to my 2010 Autumnal marathon... following the Hilly 100 relay event in the scorching sun last week-end, where I struggled to get another good chunk off my PB following some good PBs the following two week-ends... I realised the elements were in control, not me. But this is not something I can risk on Snowdon in October, I want to be ready for all the hills, I need leg strength and iron willpower.. and it starts with hilly long runs. OK so I have tried to build hills into my long runs... but I'm talking about HILLS. So I decided to do some training over in Clent, near Halesowen...
whilst Pete did a nearby 10km.... did I regret not doing the 10km? A little, as a race-obsessional, but I was very happy to let my recent times sit where they are... and although as we drove round the course, the hills did look like good training on a 10km race... I wanted to get some mileage as well, so decided on a double...possible triple loop up to the Clent Hills whilst Pete did his 'thang'. I managed 2 1/2 times.... so around 13 miles which didnt quite get me up to the desired 35 mile week... having done a lot of quality sessions I need to now build up mileage with some more quality hills in the long runs.