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A bit about me... I love setting strong running goals, pushing hard, meeting people equally passionate and encouraging others that are having a tough time of it. I love the escape time it gives me, muse over things, take in lung fulls of fresh country air in Warwickshire. I am a firm believer in what you put in, you get out.... work hard, play harder, and nothing can be more satisfying than that post-run/race feeling (especially when followed by a large glass of Merlot!) I love running with my team..as Ladies Captain at Kenilworth Runners I love encouraging others and pushing myself for a team result. I also work as an advanced level Sports Massage therapist so enjoy talking to the locals in Warwick and have been said to have 'healing hands'! (Well I do my best!)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Intervals with Friends....

Thank GOD!!! The speed is there, the stomach settled, and the motivation is BACK! Having spent a really productive day at work, and getting things organised, Calendars, BBQs, an overdue girly evening planned, an even more overdue trip down to see my Grandpa...and generally feeling I was putting some time in for things that really had taken a back seat, I was raring to go for the evening session. I needed to feel I still had that fast girl inside... the comradery of the club to help push hard, and catching up with a good friend back from hols! We made our way over to the flat, gravelly, narrow (and shaded!) 'Greenway'... where the 400m had been marked out, so we would each head out with similarly paced club members. My friend and I both had demons to burn....she had the week of holiday sins and no chance to burn out for a while, I had a few recent slow, trudgy and demoralising runs...and the need to feel back in control! I held my Garmin in my hand to check our pace and time - by the time the watch had caught up with me (pace wise) we were already about halfway down, and chasing down the leading pack... but the first rep was astonishingly SPOT on target time! More of the same - but the backward reps were slightly easier (very slight downhill on the first half)...
One thing I noticed was how doubled up and 'spent' the fastest group were when they crossed the 400m...almost to the point of wretching.... and the further back in the group you finished...the less it seemed to physically have taken out of them (noticeably anyway)... which made me wonder is it going to get really 'painful' to get better at this..? Do these guys push the pain barrier to the limits? The rewards are there... and i felt GREAT after the session, but Im not going to push any harder than my targets - for the time being anyway. :)

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