Friday, 25 June 2010

Secrets of Success

Tonight I learnt from the legendary Jack Daniels... 5 elements of success for a runner. I believe I have the five...
Ability - getting there, but I think I have more of a 'long distance' frame
Motivation - bags of it... and no distractions
Opportunity - belonging to a running club and with many local races and beautiful places to run nearby, I have this
Training - I think of all the criteria, this could be where I need some help - most of it is what I believe from experience works, and trying different things... but trial and error is what the experts recommend
LUCK! Well it seems that other than avoiding injury, and getting all the ingredients of training right for improvement, apparently this could be another competitor's misfortune in a race that puts you in advantage... this had happened a couple of times now, and it does help when the Ladies field is thin... and you are one of the few serious ones.

Thats the thing I do feel like I am one of a few female of the species - taking this 'seriously'... especially at my age, when I guess the majority are sprogging up or going down the career route. But in the interval training last night, I was one of 4 ladies doing the session - about 15 men (3 of us were probably about halfway up the pack pace-wise). Most of the women in the club had decided on an 'easy 4 miler' on one of the familiar routes... I guess this is what separates the 'women from the girls' - I understand it is hard... it hurts... and after all, maybe for them running is about 'me-time' and its not about serious racing...which is their choice at the end of the day. But then you get the moaners...'I don't seem to be getting any faster'... Hmmmm.

I have always look up to strong women... I do like to be perceived as determined and strong Sarah Connor or Starbuck type... even Paula (of course), who I look up to. I like it when it rubs off on the others... and I hope our Ladies start getting some prizes to put out alongside the mens.. This running makes me feel energised, sexy, confident and strong. Feeling like this makes me confident when I 'go into battle', so I draw on this 'Sarah Connor' inside, and as soon as the race is over, its Ros again. But this is what works for me.


  1. I have never seen you as a Sarah Connor type (never liked her character) but more a Trinity from the Matrix.

    You have the belief you can do it and that is half the battle, point to the moon and your mind will follow Rosso

  2. Haha I love Trinity - but I have a running friend called Trinity already (the one that did Comrades!) So I leave that namesake to her. :)