Monday, 14 June 2010

Harmonious Living and Running

Do you ever have one of those days when you seem to be on top of everything, I felt super-efficient having organised my work calendar, insurance for new car, other bits and bobs, even tidied my desk, which has moved slightly and 'feels' better facing a different way, like the Feng Shui is working! However I have just looked up Feng Shui and its all wrong in our office (no wonder I feel so unbalanced!) For a start I dont have a wall behind my back, which is supposed to be 'support in your life'. I have no wall. The tables and chairs are definitely in more harmonious positions... but also there is a fax/photocopy machine next to the main office door. This is bad apparently, allowing hot chi energy to move in and out too quick. Who knew! I think I need a crystal or something for my window too.

Anyway my run was good and I felt efficient/harmonious... a good tempo run to make up for the short fail run yesterday, there was a threat of stitch which passed, and it was sunny and I felt strong. I didn't have my IPod, so I listened to my breathing/foot strike, recognising my own signature pattern now...focussing on this definitely made my running more efficient. I did feel I was pushing at almost race intensity at the end of the run, digging quite deep to maintain pace on the last kilometre or so having built in my normal hill towards the end.

One thing I always wear on my runs is my Trion:Z necklace... the theory is... Trion:Z combines the natural power of magnets and the energising effect of negative ions to balance the bodies magnetic and electrical fields. Magnetic therapy is commonly used to alleviate a wide range of health conditions, including pain relief and injury recovery. Magnetic therapy uses the influence of negative magnetic fields to naturally improve blood flow and oxygen to areas of injury to facilitate healing and cell regeneration. Well I thought it looked cool on Paula and when my friend gave me one saying 'I was her Paula'.. it became my lucky charm in races :) Does it really work? Maybe its a slight placebo effect... but it kind of makes sense too.

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