Sunday, 13 June 2010

Saw Slash - then left the washed out Download!!

Well after watching Saxon and 3 Inches of Blood, the next on the wish-list was SLASH... and he delivered! Really enjoyed the set he did - including Velvet Revolver track 'Slither' and GNR (of course) - so wearing my Guns n Roses vest I was in the zone for 'Paradise City'! I also really enjoyed this track which I added to my Spotify list (below video) which is just awesome!!

Then - the heaven's opened and with thousands of fans due to leave the washed out fields later on - one poncho (Pete's - which I commandered) between the two of us - and feeling 'past it' on the festival front (girls wibbling their wibbly bits, some sites I care not to remember - one girl with laced up in piercing IN her calves so she actually had a lace running through them....FU**ED UP!) Anyway ... a hot bath, and a glass of wine seemed more appealing! I nervously asked Pete if it was BAD of me to want to leave as the rain-water relentlessly washed down our faces... and the queues for ponchos lengthened!! We were glad we made that choice... if it had been Maiden or Linkin Park or Black Sabbath, we would have stayed... but for Aerosmith...meh! And glad that it was only a slightly shallow swimming pool we had to drive through as we made our escape through the lines of sinking cars! (Heaven help them later!) It was amusing to hear Billy Idol on the stage as we walked away to the car, singing 'Nice Day for a White Wedding!'

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