Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Eleven Eleven!!

OK on my weary heavy legged run this evening I was pondering why do I see 11:11 a lot!? I also mused over why I need to know that I have to complete 'exactly' 7 miles, not 6.something.... I want 7! It seems numbers are all the rage at the moment... I mean take the number sequence in Lost, or the 'day the Earth blacked-out' in Flash (aaaaggh - aaahhh!) Forward! Cover your eyes/ears if you haven't seen the last episode - but minutes before they realised about the other black-out I actually predicted that the black-out was of another black-out.... so a double black-out.... so they were actually thinking two jumps ahead not one... which wasn't quite right as it was a few minutes after everyone ended up where they were meant to.. BUT does this mean I am psychic?? I sometimes think I am slightly... some weird things/coincidences in my life.... sorry to be morbid, but my dad died on 30/06/99... which is a very interesting number. An avid mathemetician, I find it strangely satisfying.... numbers were a big part of our relationship... so maybe me seeing interesting numbers, or repeated numbers is remembering a little bit about him. :)

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