Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bit of a fail easy run...

So the plan, an early morning run before travelling to Donnington, to get my weekly mileage up to 40 and to get used to more back to back days.. so after a night of rather disappointing football, the alarm set and out at 7.30 or so for a couple of miles (although secretly hoped for possibly 6 or 7 miles so I could do 45 miles... also divisible by 5!) I felt good, slow with the hills and miles from yesterday in my legs, but a nice morning to run... until about 2km or so when the stomach lurch happened. Admittedly it hadn't occurred to me to take my all-important pre-run toilet trip this morning.. for such a short distance at that. But oh dear. Pete already had 'stomach issues' and headed for the short-cut back... could I make it a bit further, I powered through the intermittent stomach lurches, squeezing it back in each time... but it was getting touch and go (almost literally) so I turned back to the short-cut back :o( ...such a horrible feeling, as many runners will well know, to concern about the potential of squatting by the road, in a very public housing estate with no privacy. I just had to get back and quick! I didn't even get 4km on the Garmin, so I did get the 40 miles, planning to get this to 50 next week, but with more preparation next time(!)

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