Thursday, 17 June 2010

The lonely road to extra mileage

So I have actually (I think) done my first ever 8 days in a row of running with NO complete rest day... I'm at 24 miles this week, and I need a further 26 to make my target 50... so 18 on Saturday's planned long run... leaves 8. I could do a 4 tomorrow, just recovery pace... and 4 on Sunday. That would mean 11 days straight running... (11!!! That number haunts me!) I can't believe how hard it has been this week to get up to the 50 (well planned - not done yet!) Its going to be the same every week if I want to keep on top of this mileage... lots of lonely time :( The runs with the club are good fun, but I think my long runs have now got to a point that I cannot run with anyone else as they are not up to this distance, and although I love the company I am not going to shorten these. Tonight's club race of 5 miles - I was feeling the 7 previous days in my legs, and I know as Eddie found out, its something that my body will adapt to, but I have also really enjoyed the odd rest day. Overall - its a sacrifice I need to make to get my mileage unless I can work in more doubles to free up a day... but not sure that 'double trouble' will tire me out too much because of my commute and free time.. God this is hard, will extra miles really pay off? I have a niggle down my left shin which I am slightly nervous about, didnt affect my running tonight, but its new... and I don't like that. So tomorrow's run WILL be easy easy eaaaaaaasy.

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