Thursday, 10 June 2010

Highs and Lows!

After a very busy week at work which spilt over into my favourite day...'Cafe Nero coffee and cake in Warwick day'... obviously after a little plod in the morning, I was exhausted! Exhausted from working, but also mentally exhausted from the highs and lows of the beginning of the week... late nights, potential new exciting pastures... and a way out of my long commute and rather punishing working environment. But it was not to be... and I felt I had to take it out on something... the run! However I didn't have my socks and ended up in the swimming pool in a crowded hot-tub at the gym - which I didn't even successfully clear when I raised my ugly foot from the depths of the bubbling water...emerging its little ugly black nails (actually there is only one... its been a while growing the others out!)
Well - the one upside was really well rested legs - so this evening I arrived at the club half expecting to be running with a new fast lady, who my Club Chairman had given me a head's up about joining us, but she was not there.. so I ran with a group but I led the pack out to - who knows! I knew a rough plan - but Stan the man was behind and as I pushed hard out I had to keep waiting for the others to catch up. A fantastic run... through fields of long grasses - watching the others wind their way through the narrow muddy tracks pushing bare legs through nettles. We found ourselves in a field of large creamy cows! I couldn't help myself - I had to sing! 'I just can't fight this feeling any morrrrrreeeeeeee, I've forgotton what I started fighting foooorrrrrrrrrrr....' :D I think I was on a major high following a rotten few days of tears and stress.... A true runner's high but it was a good feeling!

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