Saturday, 5 June 2010

Ice Ice!!!!

So.... warm morning! Tired legs and achey calves, not from a long run, but general training over the week's gone by, and it had been a while! So after a steaming hot shower, I cautiously entered the ice bath, a crystal clear pool with floating ice packs to maintain suitable arctic-ness! I managed to stand...moving my cosy towel from my freshly showered steaming body up to cover my shoulders so as I lowered, centimetre by centimetre... I went for the bottom next, so knees raised and calves still clear of the freezing punishment awaiting! I slowly then eased my knees down... allowing the water to slowely grip on to my warm dry flesh. My legs were now totally immersed under the mirror... and my quads were now slowly loosening under my tight restrain. Was this really good? A cup of hot coffee kept me warm inside... I started feeling at ease, following the initial shock... and almost feeling warmer from the waist down, although my upper body was shivering... more coffee!! I managed to stay for 10 minutes at least. Remember the benefits, injury prevention, improved circulation... flushing debris out of my tired muscles. This would help... and something I will have to get used to as the mileage takes its toll! It really wasn't that bad...

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