Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Trails, Fails and Tantrums!

I might have mentioned loving running... and also hating it.... but hating it for loving it so much....that is my true love, the road run. Tonight I met my love's dirtier, crueller cousin... 'trail'-er trash!!! Ooooooooooo she was was just sick. I had a hard three days following the hilly long run (which none of my club-mates can quite believe I did - especially this soon before my goal race!) Well some athletes (I am told) start training for target races a year or so in advance! So put that in your Garmin Training Centre and CHART it!! Well I was tired.... I dont know if I expected a 'second' wall to break through again tonight - so slow leady legs suddenly turn to light feathery goodness. I havent felt like this three nights on the go before, and trying to get through this... but getting lost on the over-grown, grassy, sun-belted dry, rocky muddy, rutty, ground with no room for exposed legs swishing through nettles, thistles and other spikey nastiness! I stopped. Started. Stopped. My Garmin was getting p****ed off with me (make your frakin' mind up girl!!!) Not that it matters because I'M FRAKIN WALKING my way through most of this. Please note I have not blamed anyone for but myself for just getting so annoyed with it all. I am a control freak when it comes to training and what distances and routes I am doing, so when I was just demoralised that the short grassed trail route I was promised (I didnt even have my Mizuno Ascends on - and I did double and triple check that the person knew the route well) would actually turn into Private Benjamin's worst nightmare... I would have said - nah, I'll do my own thing tonight. These things happen - grasses grow... (radically apparently) - so I let that go. But I still have this big frustrated monster inside... why do we do this? Sometimes trails ARE fun... hell I did the Moreton Morrell Muddness...the Fierce 10 .... even the EXTREME terrain 10km!! But that was social - funny - and on freshly, tapered legs. Maybe I am just too tired? Maybe I just need some rest. Anything's worth a try.

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