Friday, 18 June 2010

The mascara of Rosso!

If there was ever a thorough test of mascara staying power.. it was on my run this evening... I ran, the mascara didn't! It was that fine misty rain that clings to you, doesn't hit you or render you breathless - but there must have been lots of it as it was pouring down my face but my Bourjois Waterproof Mascara resisted the attack! Very girly concern - but I did have this vision of looking like The Cure when I got back from my little run... I was sweetly surprised. So its my new favourite thing...having had some major fails on this front in the past! The run was refreshing, enlightening and enjoyable... my legs suddenly lighter despite the heavy mileage now building in them. My laces are getting annoying though...far too short and undo easily, so had to stop to tie them (again).

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